Stand Alone

Ethernet / PCIe / PXIe / USB

1U or 3U

High density modules

Advanced and Modular General Purpose I/O Platform

The FlexMAX family is composed of a choice of chassis and a variety of high density high density modules. The chassis is a Stand Alone device that host up to 4 or up to 16 high density modules depending on chassis size. It allows communication with a PC, PXI Express Chassis or a Laptop using various interfaces including Ethernet, USB, PCI-Express, PXI-Express or Thunderbolt 3. It can also host an embedded program and act as an I/O server on the network.

Application domains include:
  - Automated Test Equipments (ATE)
  - Avionics
  - Aerospace
  - Automotive
  - Energy
  - Industrial
  - Telecom

The FlexMAX platform supports high density modules. For example, a 3U FlexMAX chassis can support up to 1024 Discrete I/Os or 512 ARINC 429 channels.

The current list of available protocols on the FlexMAX is composed of ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, Discrete, Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog. We have plans to release additional modules to support a wide range of protocols. Contact us now to check upcoming modules.

Each FlexMAX transmitter and receiver port allows very precise message timetagging. Multiple FlexMAX can be used while keeping all databus time-correlated thanks to the device to device synchronization mechanism. The FlexMAX also supports IRIG-B I/O synchronization.

The FlexMAX can be used on a desktop or rack-mounted using the supplied hardware.

Choices of host interfaces


The FlexMAX instruments can be controlled using Ethernet, allowing distributed devices on a LAN to be accessed by client computers on the network. Also, you can setup a network with a Wi-Fi hub and access the FlexMAX device wirelessly.


The FlexMAX instruments can also be controlled using USB 2 or USB 3. USB is the most common desktop and laptop port that you’ll see.


over cable

The FlexMAX instruments can also be controlled using PXI Express connectivity. This configuration allows integration of the FlexMAX in a lab equipped with a PXI Express chassis.


over cable

The FlexMAX instruments can also be controlled using PCI Express over cable or Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. This configuration allows control of the FlexMAX from a desktop PC with an available PCI-Express slot or a Laptop equipped with a Thunderbolt 3 connector.

MX Foundation 4 API

The MX Foundation API library provides high-level abstraction of hardware and allows to easily control mixed protocols and I/O modules on one or multiple carrier boards. MX Foundation is available for Windows, Linux and other operating systems. Read more…

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