New Generation Avionics Databus Analyzer

Gain greater insight into your Avionics systems. Get data analysis at your finger tip with MAX Technologies specialized Graphic Interface for Test and Analysis.

MAXIM Air is a Windows Graphic User Interface (GUI) with extended capabilities to work with:

  • ARINC 664 / AFDX with support for Boeing, Airbus and COMAC. Customizable EDE support.
  • ARINC 429
  • Discrete
  • Serial ASYNC RS-232/422/485
  • CAN
  • More protocols on the way!

MAXIM Air offers tools to transmit, record, monitor, analyze, export data. Definitions can be added to decode raw data into engineering values.

Interface is customizable and intuitive. Leaning curve is short and deployment is easy.

Analyze Data

Share across entire organization

Create projects and share them seamlessly with coworkers. Export received data for post-analysis in MAXIM AIR or in third-party applications.

Create dashboard analysis with ease

Extract useful information from data stream and monitor only useful data. Create a dashboard with one-click filters, graphs and jauges, color codes and more.

Customize your test bench

Turn the MAXIM AIR interface into your very own. Drag panels where you prefer, move items on the screen, pin or unpin desired tabs to find the layout that best suits you.

Benefit from numerous first-class features

Jump-start your data analysis and leverage the hardware portfolio by using MAXIM AIR key features.

Ordering information

MAX-SW-861803     MAXIM AIR supporting ARINC 664 / AFDX, ARINC 429, Discrete, Analogs and CAN bus

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