MX Foundation

Multi-protocols API

MX Foundation 4 API comes with comprehensive web based documentation allowing quick and easy navigation trough the chapters and the function reference sections. 


MX Foundation 4 API comes with many code examples for each supported protocol. Each example includes syntax highlight and contains links to each function description directly from the example code. MX Foundation is available for Windows, Linux, macOS and others operating systems. 


Supported programming languages includes C, C++ and a Windows .NET managed DLL is available for C# and Visual Basic .NET programming. 


National Instruments LabVIEW 2012 and later is supported by calling the provided .NET assembly. LabWindows/CVI is supported by linking with the provided standard Windows 'C' DLL.  


LabView RT with NI Linux Real-Time Targets is also supported. 


MX Foundation 4 is available for the following MAX Technologies devices:

FlexMulti 1553

FlexMulti 429

FlexMulti 629

FlexMulti 664


MAXPXIe 500 (PXI-Express card with two IPM modules)

MAXPCIe 502 (PCI-Express card with two IPM modules)

Visit MX Foundation 4 on-line at to appreciate the rich content including the documentation chapters, multi-protocol API reference with many coding examples.

Also MX Foundation 3 API is available for the series 400 PCI and series 500 PCI Express and PXI Express boards with the supported mezzanine modules including:







MX Foundation is available for various operating systems including Windows and Linux.

Go to the download area to obtain the latest versions.